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C Sharp

In C# I built a complete text-based roleplaying game from start to finish for the Console with original combat rules. In the dungeon, level up, fight monsters, and rescue a princess who has been captured by an evil goblin. Solve homemade and classic riddles while following a story; you will eventually have to deal with the Goblin Traitor. Download it here.

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I personally created the CSS for this website, however you can download css files from lots of websites. One place you can download such templates is a site that has Anime CSS and Web Templates.

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JQuery is prepackaged JavaScript that runs on a client's computer. These slides are all JQuery, so is the selector on the sidebar navigation.

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SQL is used to access Databases like the one running the Login controls on this webpage and the SQL Datasources that populate the gridviews in this web controls form. Here is my Widgets and Gadgets Lab which demonstrates my ability to utilize webforms and demonstrates the database I built. *forthcoming.

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Welcome to Knott Studios

This page is currently under construction. I am trying to demonstrate my newest skills with javascript on this page, I'm sorry you can't see the finished version yet. This is still the old version.

So I am once more looking for employment as a developer. My stint at ITNachos was successfully concluded. I am currently looking for opportunities so, contact me!

Currently I am recreating this page, however I am in the preliminary stages of designing a mobile game! I hope to share it within the next year!

Under My Web Designs, to the left, I have examples of my ability to code. The Mobile Example is a mobile webpage I built. The SAT is a Student Admin Tool that simulates a college administration tool for enrolling students. I made it look like Zelda. The TST is a Technical Support Ticket. I made it look like the game, Final Fantasy 7 with the tickets serving as the encounters to the techs.

I have games, recommendations, links, and information about myself here. If your interested in a webpage, contact me via email! You can contact me here.