Introduction to Knott Studios

Knott Studios was founded by my Grandmother, Margaret Knott when she taught voice and piano lessons in the Kansas City area. My father, Carl Knott, decided to continue the name, calling it "Knott Piano Studios" for his Piano Tuning Business. My brother, Thom Knott also has a business selling Insurance in Knott Insurance based out of Clinton, Missouri. I decided that I would continue the Knott Studios name for my web development.

My Hobbies

I like to design Roleplaying games. My Blocks RPG, which I designed using Legos, will be posted on this site. I DM for my friends in Pathfinder and D&D. I've designed some resources for D&D including a master encounter table for D&D 3.5 using the original 5 Monster's Manuals. It was rejected by Wizards of the Coast as they weren't accepting submissions at the time. I like video games and strategy games. My favorite games are the Final Fantasy Series and The Legend of Zelda Series.

I like to study and learn foreign languages. I speak pigeon Spanish and taught myself some Japanese. I also read/write hirgana, but I'm getting rusty.

I like anime and reading manga, science fiction, and fantasy. CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Jim Davis, and Rumiko Takahashi are some of my favorite writers. I have written some short stories but haven't finished a book yet.

Sportwise, I like to ski and swim laps. I am musically inclined and play the piano, bassoon, and clarinet. I also taught myself how to play the harp.

I attend church and enjoy listening to the BOTT Radio Network. The Bible Answer Man with the Christian Research Institute is one of my favorite programs.

Why Computers?

I studied computers at CMSU (now UCM) in Warrensburg, MO and got a minor in Computer Science. However, I had an equal interest in Psychology and wanted to help people, so I majored in Psychology. After college, I found a job working as a Child Abuse Investigator for the State of Missouri. It was emotionally taxing, grueling work with very little reward outside of knowing that I was saving children's lives and helping families. Ironically, my coworkers and even the program directors at the State of Missouri frequently asked me why I wasn't in computers.

After I tithed a tenth of my life, about 9.5 years to society, I decided that I wanted to pursue my other love, computers. So, when I left the State my heart truly wasn't in looking for more work as a social worker. After some research, I attended Centriq over another 2-4 year stint in college so I could get back into the workforce at the earliest opportunity.

-Patrick Knott